Reader Email - Introducing The Lord Of The Driving Range

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Reader Email

Saw this HARDO at Stone Meadow Driving Range in Lexington. Pics should say all you need. Some pointers.

1. He had well over 300 golf balls on the mat, also made a wooden device so the balls would transfer from the mat to the tee.

2. He had well over 300 clubs spread between his car and where he was hitting (and every club had its own cover)

3. His attire was a bit over the top (cut off Tommy Hillfiger ball huggers, cut off collared shirt pimped collar)

4. Was cursing after each shot

5. Cleats

6. 30 different pairs of gloves



Instant legend.  Instant.   The Lord of the Driving Range has arrived.    Like I didn’t even know there was such a thing as the Lord of the Driving Range till 5 minutes ago and now I don’t know how I lived without him.   Right up there with the Lord of Cotton Candy and the Lord of Popcorn.   Truly rarified air.  There just aren’t too many Lords floating around, but this guy is one for sure.   You just don’t bring a bag of 100 used golf gloves to the range and not be a Lord.   Impossible.    I love how he swears after every shot to and his back sweat is laugh out loud funny.  I just hope he doesn’t play actual courses.  That could get confusing.    It’s like the King on the other side of the Wall.   He’s gotta stay there.  Same with the Lord of the Driving Range.  The range and only the range is his domain.