If You Were A German Soccer Player Would You Rather Party With Your Perfect 10 Girlfriend in Brazil Or Fly Solo Last Night?



So I asked this question on twitter yesterday after the game.   Whether if you won the world cup you’d rather party with your hard 10 girlfriend or fly solo for the night.   I’d say it was 80/20 fly solo. Fair enough. I certainly understand that answer. BUT let’s clear a couple things up. The hottest chicks in Brazil were all the girlfriends and wives of the players. You’re not gonna find a hotter chick anywhere in any club. I don’t care if you have a threesome or a ninesome. The best pussy is the pussy you came with. Yeah I get new is always better but the thing that prompted this question is the way the GF’s were looking at their boyfriends. I mean look at the chick in the vine. Look at Goetz’s girlfriend. Those eyes scream you can do WHATEVER you want to me.  EVERYTHING is in play. EVERYTHING. Threesomes, anal, dirty sanchez etc. Whatever you want to do you can do. And once you do something once with a chick that’s the new normal. You can keep on doing it. So it’s not as easy a question as people think. In fact I think the play is to party with your perfect girlfriend and do unthinkable things to her. because of the situation.   So my vote is 51/49 perfect girlfriend.


Vote 1 for always fly solo and 10 for bring the old lady along for the right and spice shit up



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