The New Hottest Thing In Selfies? The Selfie Stick Courtesy Of KickStarter

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Daily Mail- When answering calls, do you find raising your hand all the way to your ear too strenuous? If so, a new gadget to come out of Israel could solve your problems by letting you only reach half way. Dubbed Fonhandle, the device is essentially an iPhone case with a long plastic handle attached. As well as making phone calls easier, the device could also transform your image by helping you take a perfect selfie from a different angle. It was created by Yonatan Assouline, an entrepreneur in Tel Aviv, who says the device is ‘the chicest, hottest, girliest, manliest way to hold and handle your phone.’ ‘Fonhandle is inspired by hafting, the act of attaching artefacts to a handle which turns them into useful objects,’ Mr Assouline says. ‘Humans have used this method throughout history to turn rock, metal and bone into axes and hammers, then later on – simple lenses into magnifying glasses, and then – rubber nets into fly swatters. ‘Now it is time to do the same with the most useful object of all – the smartphone.’

I’m absolutely fascinated by selfies.  I don’t know why.  I hate them with all of my heart but for some reason I’m interested in the ever evolving world of them.  Life would be a lot easier and less stressful if I stopped paying attention to the culture that surrounds them but I can’t and I won’t.  Their stupidity knows no bounds.  People taking selfies on planes making emergency landings, people taking selfies while running with pissed off bulls (leading to their arrest) and people taking selfies in front of trains and getting kicked in the head by the conductor.  I’m fascinated by all of it and I hate myself for it.  Call it a guilty pleasure.  And now this.  This new fucking “invention” by a Kickstarter user.  The Selfie Stick.  Because you know what?  Wearing a Bluetooth headset and confusing people in the grocery store as you talk to no one in an empty aisle just wasn’t douchey enough.  Nope, we need to kick it up a few notches.  The funny thing is that these might actually catch on because people LOVE taking selfies.  No doubt about it.  Not only that but they love taking the perfect selfie and that can take awhile if you’re simply using your hand.  What a drag.  But with the Selfie Stick?  Problem solved.  It allows you to take the perfect selfie on the first ty.  Leaving you more time for, you guessed it, more selifes.

People always wonder why Middle Eastern terrorists hate us so much or why illegal immigrants want to come and live here so badly.  Look no further than the Selife Stick and its existence.  Things are so great in developed nations such as ours that somebody actually had the free time to invent something so pointless.  What a country.


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