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OF COURSE Kobe Showed Up To Career Day At Gigi's School In Full Lakers Uniform With His Gold Medal

We all know yesterday was Gigi and Kobe's celebration of life memorial service. That said, I can't stop laughing at this picture, which was apparently in the program that every person received at the ceremony. Just look at that image, it's absolutely hilarious and perfect. Gigi wanted Kobe to come to career day at her school. No problem! He showed up like all the accountants and CEO's and whatever else people do there. 

I hope he went through a full presentation too. Remember career days when you were young? You were amazed if there was a cop or firefighter there. You'd ask them a million questions which seemed smart, but you were like 8 so it was just repetitive things. You'd be bored by the mid-level accountant talking about numbers wearing his khakis and blue button up shirt. But what if you're sitting there and Kobe comes in the room dressed in full uniform like he's about to sub in? 

That's a hell of a move. It also just summed up Kobe based on everything we heard over the last month+ when people talked about Kobe the dad. I've also been thinking about career days as a dad now. I hope that's still a thing when my kid is old enough and I have to explain blogging and show up in my sweatpants and hoodie - my full uniform. Either way I have nothing but respect for this move by Kobe. Just the best move you can pull if you're him and get invited to career day.