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Finally, A Shirt for Airports

Have a flight but don't know what to wear? Rock a "Termie" shirt, the first shirt specifically designed for air travel.  

It comes equipped with:

1. Hoon pocket in case you need to crank one to ease your pre-flight jitters

2. Adjustable sleeves:
- Can be kept long when you need to stay warm 30,000 feet in the air
- Can be rolled up when you've had to sprint across the airport in order to catch your flight and are sweating seeds.

3. Helpful infographic on the back indicating how many pre-flight terminal sodas you should crush in relation to how       long your flight is. #neverflydry

On a serious note, I'm just posting this blog because I think the graphic designer crushed it. I'm gonna work on stepping up my merch game in 2020 so expect more designs coming down the pipeline as well (Goons & Hoons, Hippo Mode, etc.)

and I'm sure 99% of you are aware but: