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What Would It Look Like If Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter Joined Dog on a Bounty Hunt?

After Dog the Bounty Hunter enjoyed his debut on Pardon My Take back in October, the recurring guest joined the show once again today. First things first, he needs all the help he can get from each and every AWL as he is trying to get the second season of his show renewed. If that gets the green light, we might just see Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on a future episode of “Dog’s Most Wanted.” Let’s set the scene of what that hypothetical situation may just look like:

Mr. Cat: Can we do a ride-along? I think we talked about this last time. 

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Well, once we get into New York, yes, absolutely. 

Mr. Cat: In the second season [of his show], we will do a ride-along.

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Once in a while, I work for Empire Bail Bonds here. I know Michelle, so she gets, once in a while, a really good jump. So, when she does, she is one of your fans…

Mr. Cat: We’re in. 

Mr. Commenter: I am in, 100%. 

Dog the Bounty Hunter: You gotta wear vests and sign the things…

Mr. Cat: Oh yeah. Do I get the zip ties?

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Whatever you like.

Mr. Commenter: Do I get a hot pepper gun? 

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Whatever you want, brother. But you gotta sign a thing, if something happens, you can’t sue me.

Mr. Cat: Oh no, I will not sue you for anything. 

Dog the Bounty Hunter: I will not let you [Mr. Cat] drive.

Mr. Cat: No, I wasn’t going to ask to drive. I was gonna ask at the end, when we get the guy or girl, will you let me give the speech?

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Yes. How did I know you liked to drive?

Mr. Cat: I do, I like to drive.

Mr. Commenter: He likes to tweet and drive. 

Dog the Bounty Hunter: I know you do.

Mr. Cat: I’ll drive us everywhere. 

Mr. Commenter: How about this? Me and Big Cat will be in the back seat, you’ll load the perp up, have them sit in the middle. I’ll hand them a cigarette, and then Big Cat gives them a big speech to clean up. 

Mr. Cat: Just like, “Listen. Smash the ice pipe. Go with Christ, brah.” This is easy. Listen, I’ve seen the speech a billion times. I know how to give the speech. I know how to do it. 

This right here, folks, would be must see television. If the XFL doesn’t want Mr. Commenter nailing field goals in the prime time spotlight, fine. He and Mr. Cat will take their talents to the back seat of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s car and put their investigative skills to the test. Could you imagine a vehicle that included Dog as the driver, Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter in the back seat, with a captured criminal in the middle?! What a world.