Miss Bum Bum Champ Got Messi's Name Tattooed On Her Ass After Getting Blocked By Him And His Wife On Social Media - DOUBLES DOWN One Year Later With His Face Tattooed On Her Groin

[Source] - The 29-year-old said: "Since I also got the Barcelona shield tattoo on my butt, I was thinking of getting another tattoo to honour the best player in history.

“I commented on this for the first time in a television interview during my trip to Mexico when I won Miss Butt World. It was a promise and I kept it.

She was blocked on social media by the Argentinian sportsman and his wife Antonella Roccuzzo after tagging him in several provocative images. She then launched an online campaign to encourage her fans to support her and convince Messi to unblock her.

Now this is how you make a move, Suzy Cortez! The former Miss Bum Bum winner is obsessed with Leo Messi - proving one thing through and through. No matter how famous you are, you will get in a fight with your significant other over something you can't control. You know Messi's wife was rightfully fed up with Cortez sending 'provocative' images to Messi and yelled at him about how it was his fault somehow. A year ago Clickbait Smits (I wonder how he's doing) blogged about the first tattoo.

Here's what I don't get though. Cortez is Brazilian. Brazil is rivals with Argentina, so what does this say about her loyalty? You can't be getting a tattoo of an Argentinian on your ass and groin. You have to be getting Neymar or Fred or someone like that. But then again, when Messi is the GOAT and you have an obsession, you're willing to risk war between two countries for two tattoos. 

Shout out Miss Bum Bum.

I've said it before but European/South American soccer is the epitome of THIS LEAGUE. Way more than what we say about the NBA. Imagine, I don't know, an American porn star getting LeBron's face tattooed on her ass after getting blocked by Savannah and LeBron. We'd talk about that for YEARS. In soccer? Well, that's just a Tuesday.