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Is Hitting Yourself In The Dick And Nuts A Good Play In Cricket?

Because if so we are witnessing a legend here, folks. Not only did Liam Livingstone manage to drill himself in the cock and balls once during this at bat, but he crushed himself again just moments later. 

All while being mic'd up for the broadcast? They say that big time players show up in big time moments, and that couldn't possibly be any more true than this moment here. 

I wrote a blog a few months ago about how I really wish I understood cricket. It seems like a great sport and there are billions of people who watch it, so all I wanted to do was at least understand the basics of the game. Unfortunately, I'm a big time procrastinator so I haven't gotten around to learning anything yet in the 8-9 months since writing that blog. So you'll have to excuse me for not knowing if the "give yourself an impromptu vasectomy" play is common or not. From the sounds of this post-game interview, however, I'd say probably not. 

Quick sidenote here but "how are the crown jewels feeling" coming from this reporter is…well…let's just say I really enjoyed that question. By the way, that reporter is Erin V Holland. She was a former Miss World Australia and you can check out her Instagram here

But yeah. The fact that this guy was mic'd up and we got to hear those reactions after shattering his nads is one of those moments when you have to believe in the Sports Gods. Just such a perfect sequence of events here to all culminated into a masterpiece of sports broadcasting. Watching people get hit in the nuts will always and forever be hilarious. Doesn't matter if you're 8 or 80, you laugh every single time as you watch some poor, sorry bastard writher around in pain.