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Inter Milan's Manager Told The Team He Wants Them To Make As Little Effort As Possible When Having Sex During The Season

[Source] - Conte told L'Equipe magazine: "During spells of matches the players should not have sexual relations that last for long periods.

"They need to make as little effort as possible.

"The best position for them is if their partners go on top.

"And it is preferable that they are with their own wives.

Goddamnit European soccer is really the gift that keeps on giving. I mean what a quote here. Gotta keep your fitness level at top notch, so one thing to solve that is just don't try during sex. Seems like my kinda guy, minimum effort, maximum output. But the real thing here is the 'and it is preferable that they are with their own wives.' Just putting it out there that these dudes are getting women thrown in their face. 

Now, why is this news? Well first because it's fucking hilarious and second because star striker Lautoro Martinez confirmed it's true and he just so happens to have six goals in 11 starts. Seems like this sex tip idea is working out. Oh, the other reason? Martinez is dating model Agustina Gandolfo and, well, let me introduce her to the Stoolies world: 

But, hey, if you're manager tells you don't put any effort in during sex the only thing to do is lay down and listen I suppose.