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Marry Fuck Kill Of The Century: Matt Nagy, Mitch Trubisky, Ryan Pace

That poll is intentionally vague and for good reason. Just pick one of those guys. To kill. To keep. To fuck. Whatever. Up to you, just pick one of them and the results are pretty dead on balls as of the writing of this blog:

Chief takeaway is that it's diabolical to Marry Fuck Kill these three guys right now. Downright impossible to do this one because I can't imagine marrying any of these guys but we have to try. Those are the rules of the game. Mitch is a hot piece of ass and in the words of WSD extremely loyal like a dog. Nagy is a complete moron but sometimes it works being married to an idiot just ask my wife about me ZING. Pace has that one trade going for him and he's also an Eastern Illinois guy so you know he's a good fuck. But again, all these guys could be in the Kill category and no one would argue.

Personally, I like the fountain of youth and Mitch's big beautiful eyes. Nagy can pound sand and honestly I would love to Ryan Pace. So of course he's getting fucked. 

Here are the rest of our results: 

Carl & Chief

Marry: Mitch 

Fuck: Pace 

Kill: Nagy 


Marry: Nagy

Fuck: Pace

Kill: Mitch


Kill: Nagy

Kill: Pace

Kill: Mitch

Final Answer:

Fuck All Of Them