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The Offensive Lineman Cartwheel Play Should Be Worth No Less Than Two (2) Touchdowns

There's going to be a time when we look back on last night's Ohio vs Western Michigan game and we realize that the Bobcats were on the receiving end of one of the biggest screw jobs in college football history. After tying the game in the final moments of regulation, Ohio suffered a brutal defeat in overtime. But the issue is that the game should have never gone to overtime in the first place. Ohio should have locked up an easy win with that final touchdown because they should have gotten at least 12 points for this play right here. 

Unfortunately they are just too ahead of their time. But if you get the big fellas out there ripping some mid-game cartwheels, then you deserve some extra points on the board. I think we can all agree on that. The same way there's a 1-point conversion and 2-point conversion that are based on the degree of difficulty, a big boy cartwheel play deserves more just based on innovation alone. 

To be fair, this particular cartwheel didn't offer much of a distraction but it was beautifully and flawlessly executed nevertheless. I just need to know if this was actually in the playbook or if it was a personal audible choice from the lineman. Do you think he just showed up to practice one day and mentioned that he could do a cartwheel to his coach just in case it was anything that could be useful later? Do you think the coach just told them to go out there and do whatever they had to do to create a distraction and his brain immediately went to cartwheel? The world may never know. All we do know, however, is that this play was extra spicy and it's a crime against humanity that Ohio didn't automatically get to throw some points on the board for running it.