The New York Yankees Are Your 2019 AL East Champions!!!

Seven years. It’s been seven goddamn years, but the East is finally ours once again. Enough messing around with the wild card game. 52-19 against the AL East. Pure dominance. You know what that gets you? The division title. Something this team set out as a goal when they first arrived in Tampa in March. This is just the first step, but it’s a big one. Take back the East. Done. A billion injuries didn’t matter. Boone did a great job all year keeping the clubhouse morale up and their focus straight ahead at the prize.

They added guys like LeMahieu, Paxton, and Ottavino to help put them over the top. Unexpected heroes like Mike Tauchman, Gio Urshela, Mike Ford and Cameron Maybin were born. Judge, Didi, Severino, Stanton, Hicks, and Gary all missed a ton of time and it didn’t bother anyone. They embodied the ‘Next Man Up’ mentality more than anyone has ever done before. It’s absolutely remarkable they just won their 100th game and the division title given all they’ve had to deal with. Tonight the champagne is well deserved.

The AL East division title is back where it belongs: The Bronx.

Now pop some bottles and go win the whole fucking thing.