I Decided To Become A Pitmaster So Now I Just Smell Liked Smoked Meats All The Time

For pretty much my entire life, I’ve been a creature of habit. I have the things that I do almost religiously, and I just stick to those things. Some examples of those things are complaining about the Flyers never winning a Cup in my lifetime, trying to get more people to watch lacrosse, and…yeah that’s pretty much the big two right there. I have some things that I think I’m good at and then I just say fuck it to anything else that I’m not. And you should definitely focus on doing shit in life that you’re good at. But eventually you just get so caught in your comfort zone and you’re stuck doing the same shit all the time and it just gets boring.

Unfortunately, none of the things I’m good at could be considered “manly” things. I just bullshit on the computer all day asking if random sports need an enforcer. There’s nothing manly about that. Just the other week, I had to have a contractor come to my apartment to fix my AC unit, and when he got here it turned out that all I had to do was change out the air filter. If I don’t know to change out an air filter, I think you can kind of gather where that sets the bar for me and my “manliness”.

So this summer I decided to make a few changes. I’m 27 and I figured I never do things that I don’t know if I’d be any good at it or not, and I don’t do anything at all that could be considered manly. Why not get two birds stoned at once? Which is why I decided to start smoking meats. And let me tell you, folks. If you’ve been saying to yourself that you need to find a new hobby or something like that, do it and do it now because it opens up this whole new world to you. So I bought myself a little smoker and decided it was time to start being a barbecue guy.

Now I haven’t done a ton of cooks so far but the ones that I have done? They’ve actually turned out pretty okay. We’ve got some pork butt here.

Some St. Louis Ribs.

And then messed around with some beef ribs this past weekend.

And the best part about it is that when I’m out there just watching the meat for hours, I don’t even remember that the Flyers haven’t won the Stanley Cup since 1975. I don’t even remember that there are still millions of people out there who blindly hate lacrosse without ever watching it before a day in their life. I don’t even remember that it took me 27 years to realize I need to change the air filter every other month or so. And then depending on where I am or where I’m going, it could be an added positive or negative that I just walk around smelling like smoked meats now.

But anyway. The moral of the story here is that regardless of whatever it is, if you think you’ve been needing to add a new hobby to your life just go do it. Especially if you’re a Flyers fan, because then you desperately need at least a couple of hours out of the week to take your mind completely off of them.