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David Stern Has Banned Lil Wayne From Attending NBA Games Because He Fucked Chris Bosh's Wife #likeabosh

TMZ – Lil Wayne went OFF on the Miami Heat last night at All-Star Weekend — claiming he’s been banned from all NBA events because of his beef with the team … and the coup de grace … Wayne said he banged Chris Bosh‘s wife. Wayne took the stage for an All-Star weekend event in Houston last night, when he told the crowd, “The NBA banned me from all NBA events … because the Miami Heat told them to ban me.”  He added, “F**k LeBron. F**k She Wade. F**k Chris Bosh. F**k all y’all.”  And if that wasn’t enough … Weezy said, “I f**ked Chris Bosh wife.”


I’ve never been the biggest Lil Wayne fan, but guess what?  I am now.   Because any enemy of the Miami Heat is a friend of mine.    Poor Bosh though.  The guy just can’t catch a break.  If anything goes wrong with the Heat I feel like it’s always his fault.  In fact if he didn’t play for Miami I actually wouldn’t hate him.  He just got caught in the wrong crowd and is paying the price.   He’s got rap stars going out of their way to stuff his wife and putting it on blast just because he plays for them.  Oh well I guess when you lie with dogs you get fleas.

PS – You know Weezy ain’t lying either.  He definitely fucked her.   So from now on whenever somebody gets cheated on it’s definitely “you got cheated on Like a Bosh.”

Double PS – What’s Bosh’s move here?  He has to hire a thug to gank him or something doesn’t he?  It’s just about self respect really. I mean it’s one thing to have a dude fuck your wife, but to announce it to the world at a concert and rub your grillmix in it?  Bosh would 100% be within his rights as a human to murder the shit out of Lil Wayne.