Bradley Beal Has The Absolute Best Attitude, Even After Someone Told Him He Sucked

I feel bad for Bradley Beal. Kid should be a superstar in the league. But instead he’s been stuck playing on the Wizards, often unfairly being overshadowed by John Wall. After Wall’s injury though, Beal took over and has put on a show, including averaging 31 PPG, 7 assists, and 5 rebounds per game in February and 26-6-5 in March. And the best thing that goes unnoticed is he’s done it all without bitching. ZERO bitching from Bradley Beal. We always give players attention because they complain to the media, they call out teammates, they whine about this or that- not Beal. He just keeps his head down and plays hard and gets results. It kinda sucks that in today’s NBA you often times have to be a big egomaniac to get recognition and main steam press. Beal is probably the 2nd best SG behind Harden right now, and I hope people realize it. He’s just a delight to watch, and as you can see above, has a great attitude.

And now he has a new pregame routine:

I mean think about how many guys would yell back at fans, would get all upset, maybe ban a fan for life for saying something like that (shout out Dolan!). Beal just had fun with it and now turned it into his pregame routine. He’s just the man.

While he may not get the media attention or be as big of a name as others around the league, but he certainly deserves it, especially after dealing with everything that goes on in Washington.