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Somebody Bought This Racing Pigeon For 1.25 MILLION EUROS. So Have Fun Knowing You're Now Worth Less Than A Bird


Source – A star racing pigeon named Armando has fetched a record 1.25 million euros in an online auction, Belgian media reported Sunday.

The prized bird — Belgian’s best long-distance racer of all time according to those in the know — was snapped up by a Chinese buyer for a princely sum that caused a flutter of excitement among fanciers.

Armando had been expected to break the previous record of 376,000 euros paid for a pigeon called Nadine — but not by such a wide margin.

I know that this is a pretty dicey topic when you’re talking about the monetary worth of human life, but realistically speaking…how much do you think you’re worth? Like how much could you see somebody spending on you? Because personally, I know for damn sure that I’d be on the clearance rack. I’d put my potential ceiling somewhere around “incredibly average”. I’m a nice guy. I try hard. But I know that when it comes down to making a purchase, I’d be somebody’s 4th or 5th option at best. So I don’t even want to do the math right now but €1.25 million has to be at least 20-30 times more than whatever I’d be worth.

Which is a tough pill to swallow, knowing that there is a pigeon out there who is worth way more than you are. But shoutout to Armando, nevertheless. I mean he’s a bastard for sure, and I hope he never wins another race ever again. But to have somebody come out and drop that amount of money on you? It’s gotta feel pretty good to be wanted that badly. Even if he’s just a stupid fucking bird who has no idea what’s going on. And I’m not really a bird person or anything like that, but I can admit that Armando is a pretty good lookin’ pigeon. So he’s got everything going for him right now. Must be nice. Sick life.

P.S. – Still the most expensive pigeon in the world.

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