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Chicago Alderman Charged With Extortion, Proceeds To Win 26th Straight Election In A Landslide

I want to be careful not to give Chicago a bad name. Not that decades of rampant public corruption hasn’t already done that. But please, don’t interpret this as me piling on my city. We’re fine people. Just a little stuck in our ways I suppose…

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 10.34.35 AMNot a lot of people anticipated this kind of blood bath when Ed Burke got charged with extortion last month. If anything most anticipated big changes and WHOOPS turns out we’re dead wrong. Turns out I grossly miscalculated the power of knocking on doors and handing out candy.

Or the power of dressing for the job you want not the job you have

ct-met-alderman-ed-burke-wiretap-20190104One look at Ed Burke should be enough much less a signed/sworn FBI affidavit alleging ridiculous actions taken against The King.

Yet here we are still empowering him to represent the people of Chicago. Once you get past the immediate depression, that’s kinda funny. It just goes to show you how much people – here or pretty much anywhere else – could care less about your bullshit if you’re able to deliver results. The fact his community showed up despite being publicly dragged through endless embarrassment is kinda awesome on some level. Like yeah the FBI is actively trying to put him behind bars. Yes he’s become a laughing stock across town. Yes he’s everything that’s wrong with this city’s government. But goddamn does he not give one flying fuck as he takes down his TWENTY SIXTH straight election for Alderman of the 14th Ward.

Whatever. I can respect a good Villain

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 11.17.04 AM