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I Desperately Need To Get Invited Into Zac Efron's ACL Rehab Crew

So as you can see, Zac Efron tore his ACL earlier this month whilst shredding some gnar. In case you didn’t know, I tore my ACL this past summer whilst playing a little beer league lacrosse. I know what some of you are probably saying to yourself right now. “Wow, Jordie. I didn’t even realize because you didn’t miss a single day of blogging. You’re a fucking beast, dude. For real. I mean NFL athletes tear their ACL’s all the time and they typically miss at least 9 months. But you’re a blogger and you didn’t even miss a single day? You even blogged on the day of your surgery? Honestly, dude, you’re a boss”.

And I thank you all for your kind words. I wouldn’t go around calling myself a boss but if you insist, I won’t stop ya.

But yeah. Surgery for me is coming up on 6 months ago at this point, so I’m a little ahead of Efron. I mean I’m almost better now than I was before I tore it. Running, jumping, about to get back to playing in a week or so. And I’m just a blogger. That’s 6 months of rehabbing like an insane person just so I can get back to playing beer league sports and blog about nonsense. Could you imagine how much quicker I could have been back if I were rehabbing with Zac Efron and Jay Ajayi in their little secret ACL recovery crew?

I also think I would have a lot to offer to them as well. I’ve been through it before. This is my 2nd ACL rehabbing process (I have shitty ligaments, whatever). All I’m saying is that I don’t want to be the guy who is out here asking for free handouts. I don’t just want some charity invite to Zac Efron’s ACL Rehab Squad. I need my boy Zac to know that I can bring something to the table as well. Some experience, some grit, and a pretty pleasant demeanor. One day we’re in the gym trying to get that leg extension all the way back, the next day we’re sharing a few laughs and the day after that we are best buds.

All I’m asking for is a little bit of help. If any of you out there have a connect to Zac Efron, let him know that there is a blogger in Philly who is currently dominating his ACL rehab and wants to help him achieve the same success. I’d hate to see Troy Bolton’s athletic career get cut short because he rehabbed the wrong way and never got his knee back to 100%.