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We Now Have Video Of Phil Mickelson's Calves In Action Are They Are Somehow Even More Magnificent

So Phil tweeted this picture the other day and lit the golf world on fire with his sculpted calves

People went nuts because not a single person knew that Lefty had calves like that. Phil might’ve not realized what he was working with. The PGA Tour announced that players will now be allowed to wear shorts during pro-am and practice rounds and Phil stole the whole damn show. The picture was shocking to say the least.

Well we now have video footage of the pythons in actions and they DID NOT disappoint

What. Is. Happening. That left calf honestly looks like CGI. I don’t think juiced up Lance Armstrong in his prime had calves like that but Phil Mickelson does? Wild. It sounds like I’m hating on Phil but I’m really just impressed. Good for Phil. Pass along that leg workout because folks are clamoring for it.