Hilarious Video Of a Young Yankees Fan Wanting NOTHING To Do With The Yankees Signing AL East Rivals

First of all, that’s gotta be top 3 worst voices I’ve ever heard in my life. He’s a Yankees fan so I love him automatically, but goddamn that’s a tough voice to own. My head actually hurts right now from listening to that.

Once you get past the voice I mean that kid is incredible. He wants NOTHING to do with the disease that are our AL East rivals. “It’s like taking Tom Brady and putting him on the Dolphins it just doesn’t happen!” I mean he’s got a strong point there. He’s also like 4 years old and somehow knows everyone in the division. It’s goddamn impressive.

This all being said being said, I would gladly take Mookie Betts on my baseball team. I just want that out there. You are DELUSIONAL if you are against getting him on your team just because he was a Red Sox. Look at Johnny Damon. I’d say that worked out for the Yankees.

I respect and love the fuck out of this kid’s passion though no doubt. Dude despises the Red Sox, Orioles, Blue Jays and Rays. Just get another voice my god my ears are bleeding.