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Someone Please Tell Their Mother To Stop Walking Around Towson University Asking People To Date Her Son

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TOWSON, MD - The Towson University Police Department says they are investigating three incidents of students being approached by a woman asking if they were interested in dating her son.
According to police, the woman would approach students in Cook Library and Center for the Arts buildings and attempt to show them a picture of her son on her cell phone.
The woman is described as being in her 50s. She was wearing glasses, blue jeans and a striped long sleeve shirt with red brim at the bottom, along with a multi colored scarf, brown shoes and a dark colored coat.
Anyone with information was asked to call 410-704-4444. Police said the advisory was provided to make the community aware of an incident on campus that may cause concern.
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Alright, which one of you needs to come get their mom?  Whose mom had a little too much to drink uptown at Turtle and decided she wanted grand-babies? I mean this has to be a top 1 most embarrassing thing that can happen to a guy in college right?
This momma bear had enough and she decided to take matters into her own hands and find her son a date. Where is the best place to look? Towson University's library, obviously. I can imagine some mom from Baltimore walking through the rows of computers asking all the sorority girls if they'd date her son while she shoves a picture in their face. Props to the mom though, shooters shoot. She must reallllly want grandkids, because to get to Towson's library you have to park a decent way away and walk there. All that during the winter to try and get your son some play?
If you're the son in the picture, you have to drop out immediately. Just hit the restart button on school, because you are now officially the laughing stock of Towson. Have fun sitting at lunch or in the bar with every girl pointing and laughing at the kid who's mom was trying to get him laid.
In all honesty, I hope she finally finds the love of her son's life. What a love story that'd be.