UFC 234's Main Event Was Like A God Damn Mortal Kombat Fight And It Was AMAZING

Original Post Date: February 10, 2019 – 12:48am

As I’m writing this, Israel Adesanya and Anderson Silva are making their way out of the octagon after main eventing UFC 234, and I’m sorta just sitting on my couch, laughing maniacally about how amazing that fight was. Three straight rounds of spinning shit, dodging, ducking, feinting, more spinning, eating blows, and a whole lotta taunting…showcasing the vintage Spider we all grew to love, and the new age version of that man who we’re all buying into.

Going in, so many wrote off Anderson, and even went as far as shunning the UFC for letting him step into the cage with Stylebender, acting like he was fucking Chuck Liddell or something, and he just shut each and every one of those people up, while Adesanya must’ve just gained about a million new fans.

We didn’t get a crazy over-the-top knockout finish, or a flash submission, but that bout was honestly everything I hoped it would be and more, culminating in a unanimous decision victory for “The Last Stylebender”, which got him very understandably emotional after the judge’s scorecards were read – having just fought his idol…his inspiration, and favorite fighter of all time – going on to say in his post-fight interview…

“Fuck, this is crazy. This is like for a kid, if I’m playing basketball like playing Michael Jordan. This is it for me.”

I can’t even imagine the thoughts and feelings going through his head in that moment.

Anderson consoled the young fighter, proverbially passing the torch down to him in a gesture that even made me get a bit of a lump in my throat…

…and in his own post-fight interview, “The Spider” showed a ton of appreciation for the fans in Melbourne, sounding truly overjoyed to have received the love they gave him. He even did a lil’ Rocky impression that I didn’t quite understand, but hey, whatever, he just put on that great fight, so let’s just let it slide.

Maybe because of the eye? Who knows.

Overall, I’d call this a pretty damn good night for the UFC, despite the cancellation of their scheduled main event – UFC Middleweight Champion Robert Whittaker vs Kelvin Gastelum – and a damn good night to be a fan of the barbaric human cockfighting.

I’ll have more on UFC 234, Kelvin Gastelum’s slight heel-turn, and the aftermath/consequences of everything that went down on this card tomorrow.

Thank you for following along with me tonight, and congratulations Israel “The Last Stylebender” Adesanya!