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Ronda Rousey Somehow Cut Both The Best And Worst Promos Of The Year Last Night

Since she made her WWE debut last January, it’s been no secret that Ronda Rousey wouldn’t be the next Ric Flair, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, or Rock on the microphone.

Hell, if you’d followed her acting career at all, you knew this before she ventured into the squared circle.

Currently, in wrestling though – I should actually just say in the WWE – Vince McMahon finds it important for everybody to cut promos constantly, even if it isn’t their strong suit. Back in wrestling’s heyday, this wasn’t the case, and if someone wasn’t fantastic on the mic (think: Goldberg), they could work around that and make them a silent, badass, killer. Not now, though, and last night, we got our first taste of what a crowd completely turning on Rousey during a promo would do to her: rattle her into bolivian.

If you’re out of the loop on why the crowd has suddenly taken to Rousey as a heel, and possibly the most hated heel in the company by the sound of it, despite her doing NOTHING to provoke this, it’s because the direction WWE is going for WrestleMania is her vs Becky Lynch, and Lynch – or THE MAN, as she’s now known – is the most beloved, over-with-the-fans wrestler in the company. She’s legitimately the closest thing we’ve seen to “Stone Cold” since Daniel Bryan five or six years ago, and before that, I don’t even know who, but I digress.

Even during her match, after that botched promo, Ronda seemed off her game – which is completely unlike her. She’s proven quickly that she is legitimately a fantastic in-ring worker, and honestly, probably one of the best female talents I’ve ever seen.

So when Becky Lynch’s music hit, and she came out to challenge the champ for her title at WrestleMania, I was VERY worried about the segment she’d be able to deliver, being that up to this point, the build towards this match has been absolutely flawless.

Much to my, and everyone else’s surprise, however…

…Ronda Rousey stepped up to the plate and delivered best promo of her while career!

I mean…holy fucking shit! Where was that fire for the past twelve months?! Where was it with Turtle in ‘Entourage’?! That was incredible!!!

Whatever it is that brought her to cut that phenomenal promo, whether it was the chip on her shoulder or the fact that it was based mostly in realism, I hope it sticks around, because I cannot believe how great it was.

Kudos to you, Rousey, on the recovery of the century.