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Kevin Garnett Talking About How He Destroyed A Teenage Austin Rivers Is One Of The Greatest Stories Ever Told

Be still my heart. Two of my most favorite people on the planet together telling old stories, it doesn’t get much better than that for me personally. Two players that were integral parts of the 2008 title team, they will both forever have a place in my heart until my last breath. So when I saw this floating around the internet I couldn’t click fast enough. I’ll honestly listen to anything KG does because he’s that electric. Whether it’s his Area 21 show, a viral clip, whatever. If given the option of having more KG in my life or less, I’m always going more. In fact I am not ashamed to admit that while playing 2K there are times I hear him come on as the guest commentator I get a little emotional. It may be hard for non Celtics fans to understand, but Kevin Garnett legit changed my entire life. I’ve said it before, but nothing does a better and more honest job of describing what it was like to see him come to Boston more than this commercial

God dammit there I go again getting emotional. Let’s get back to the point of this blog before things get a little carried away.

I have to say, that was an A+ story from Tony and KG. I’m pretty sure you have to be an absolute lunatic to challenge sort of still in his prime KG to a game of one-on-one during practice. That goes for normal NBA players at the time let alone a teenage Austin Rivers. I get it, at the time Rivers was considered one of the best players in the country and probably thought he stood a chance only for KG to come out and shit directly down his throat. Let’s take this from the top though. Not the best look for my man Paul Pierce to be getting the business from a teenage Austin Rivers. I’m very happy it didn’t come out at the time because Papa Greenie would have spent 45 minutes telling me they needed to trade Paul because he couldn’t even beat a high schooler. It then made me so happy to hear him talk about Perk and how he was the official stopper. Everyone knows Perk doesn’t take any shit, the man never needed help via a double team a day in his Celtics life. Seeing Tony Allen light up when KG talked about how Rivers gave him the business was great.

Having already beaten a few Celtics, it was time for KG to put this kid in his place. Imagine baiting KG in that situation? You heard him, he’s a fucking dragon. I can only imagine the scene after Rivers got that first bucket and KG just decided to say fuck it, lace em up, let the dragon out and give him hell resulting in a 5-1 score

Honestly hearing that KG was even capable of holding in his shit talking might be the most impressive thing about this entire story. That’s the upset of the century right there. See in today’s world we get tidbits from practice that are all about Jimmy Butler yelling at his teammates and stuff and it’s stories like this that make me mad social media didn’t really exist during the early KG Celtics days. I need video footage of this and I need it immediately. I know it’s in a vault somewhere so I’m going to need the Internet Gods to bless us and bring it to light.

At the end of the day this story just confirmed what I already knew. I would listen to KG read the phone book and it’s pretty clear he is one of the greatest storytellers of our generation. I don’t want more KG stories, I need more KG stories. What a legend.