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This Was Hands Down The Most Unlucky Moment In All Of Sports Last Night

I mean wow. In a million years, how many times do you think that happens? Once? Twice? It’s one thing for the lights to flicker on and off in an arena during game play, but at the exact moment that a player is taking a penalty shot? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. I’d easily expect to see a football kicker miss a potential game-winning kick a hundred times before I’d expect to see anything like this ever happen. At this point you should just always assume that a kicker is going to miss so anybody who thinks that Cody Parkey had worse luck last night than Matt Strome clearly hasn’t watched a ton of sports before. Because not only did the lights flicker on and off during Strome’s original penalty shot attempt that he scored, but he then followed that up with a miss after the first attempt was disallowed.

Truly heartbreaking stuff right there. It’s the kind of moment that makes you question why you care about sports in the first place. All sports ever do is just rip your heart out time and time again. A little missed field goal here. A horribly unlucky electrical break that disallows a penalty shot goal there. But like I said before, I’d still take the missed field goal a hundred times over the disallowed penalty shot. Which is why I woke up this morning actually feeling jealous of Chicago fans.

Matt Strome was drafted by the Flyers in the 4th round of the 2017 NHL Entry Draft. So even though he’s currently playing for the Hamilton Bulldogs in the OHL, I felt that disallowed penalty shot all the way down here in Philly. I was flying high after that Eagles win only to come crashing all the way back down after Matt Strome’s penalty shot in the OHL was disallowed due to an electrical mishap in the arena. All Chicago had to deal with was a missed field goal. Why do all the bad things have to happen to Philadelphia? We can just never catch a single break in this city for some reason.