Phillies Announce Electric Strategy In Quest For Bryce Harper

MLB’s Spring Training is fast approachin’ & rumors are swirling as the time to woo free agents narrows. When it comes to All-Star right fielder Bryce Harper we’re hearing about ten year deals, meetings with both Chicago teams, long discussions with the Nationals, & now word that the Phillies are in the mix.

To that end, the Phils announced they’d be pitching hard for Harper during a visit to his Las Vegas home turf as soon as next week. GM Matt Klentak & Manager Gabe Kapler spoke with reporters this morning noting they’d be staying behind in lieu of a special emissary; South Jersey native & union electrician Tom Cudeyro.

He first came to their attention during Manny Machado’s visit when Machado was briefly & awkwardly locked out of the stadium in true Philly style. You probably know the story but, feeling the urgency, Cudeyro went viral after he stepped up to fill the time by showcasing the city’s enticing charm, accomplishments & funds with his eloquence,

“Super Bowl champs! World Series here! Do the right thing and sign. Get the money!”

They’re hoping that, in turn, Harper will be inspired to step up and fill the spot in our outfield. Kapler has said he believes Harper might be “the best player in baseball”, and with his agent holding out & teams vying for him, I wouldn’t be surprised if we do snag him, but for a steep price. Estimates are that the next contract could be worth $300M.

With the stakes that high, Cudeyro will be the perfect curveball to throw out to Vegas. A union guy, a man of the people well versed in contracts, who can convince Harper to do the right thing & get that money while we’ve got it.

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