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El Chapo Had A Cartel Boss's Brother Killed After He Left Him Hanging On A Handshake

In 2004, he said, Mr. Guzmán and Mr. Carrillo Fuentes were rivals as part of a larger war between the Sinaloa traffickers and a vicious gang, the Zetas, with whom Mr. Carrillo Fuentes had allied himself. At a meeting to restore the peace, Mr. Guzmán’s longtime partner, Ismael Zambada García, tried to broker a truce. But when Mr. Guzmán put his hand out Mr. Carrillo Fuentes did not take it.

Not long after, Mr. Zambada said, armed assassins lay in wait for Mr. Carrillo Fuentes and his unsuspecting wife, gunning both down as they exited a movie theater in Culiacán. “Chapo said he was going to kill him,” Mr. Zambada told the jury. [NYT]

I feel like out of all the crazy murders that are going to come out in the Chapo trial…this is the most “yeah, no shit”?  I mean it’s one thing if a guy like, accidentally makes eye contact with you at a red light, so you hop out and saw his head off and hang it from the nearest bridge.  It’s one thing if a guy laughs at your joke too hard and you think he’s patronizing you so you chainsaw his legs off and sew them to his forehead.  But straight up, no question about it, blatant disrespect…to El Chapo?!?!  Leaving him hanging?  Not high fiving him outside the movie theater when he’s trying to tell you how awesome Happy Feet 2 just was?

This is a guy who relaxes by going up into the mountains and shooting things with a bazooka.

What the hell did you think was going to happen amigo?

Let’s be clear, I’m not condoning brutally murdering the next person who doesn’t dap you up.  That type of stuff doesn’t fly in normal everyday society.  But this is the Mexican drug trade we’re talking about.  This is Sinaloa Cartel trafficking.  That’s a whollleeeeee different world – a world in which disrespecting the boss of “the most powerful drug organization in the world” is going to have some pretty malo consequences.