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This 15 Year Old Bodybuilder Just Deadlifted Your Girlfriend

What’s the point of even having a girlfriend with this kid around?

While you were drinking Hi-C lemonade that your mom mixed up for you, my guy here was chugging C4 preworkout lemonade before ripping through 19 circuits on P90X.  While you were playing video games eating Twizzlers my dude was freebasing NO XPLODE off a heated spoon then deadlifting 845 pounds.   While you were learning the birds and the bees and how to put a condom on a banana, homie was injecting a direct IV of NITRO-TECH Whey into his arms then power squatting your little middle school girlfriend and carrying her back to his house.

So what if his stunted growth will keep him at 4’8″ forever.  You see those pythons?  Plenty of shallow girls in the sea who will catch a peek of those veiny bis and basically throw themselves at his little midget feet.  Seen it happen plenty.  Curls for the girls baby.