Report: Tiger Woods And Phil Mickelson Will Play Their $10M Match In Las Vegas Over Thanksgiving Weekend

It looks like Phil and Tiger will play their $10M match at Shadow Creek in Vegas over Thanksgiving weekend. You might be excited but I am nervous. Last time Tiger Woods battled on Thanksgiving he was crawling through the tires of his SUV evading 9-iron swings from Elin (allegedly). And, historically, holiday weekends just haven’t been his thing (think: Memorial Day 2017). I hope he can turn it around and start a new trend in the right direction but I’m worried for our guy… on another Thanksgiving… in Las Vegas… a place he’s had many “memories.”

Let’s prepare for the worst and hope for the best. On Thanksgiving weekend we get to fill our veins with tryptophan, text old high school flings, watch every kind of football, and watch Tiger and Phil battle it out for $10M. I’ll take it.