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Someone Should Tell Caps Fans They Didn’t Win The Cup Last Night

Look, I’m from Boston. I was born and raised a winner. So someone needs to explain to me what the hell was going on in Washington D.C. last night. After last night’s win over the Golden Knights, fans took to the streets to celebrate their Game 2 win. And who am I to knock a party? But Jesus Christ, this looks like the scene outside of Fenway Park after the Sox broke an 86 year curse to win the World Series. What are we doing here Washington? It’s Game 2!

I have been team Nate and PFT since the B’s got knocked out. Nate even gave me an “Our Year” shirt when I was down in the office. But am I wrong that I almost want to burn it after watching this video? These fans are literally going bananas for one win. What if Vegas wins the next three? How dumb would they feel?

And I get it, it’s their first Stanley Cup win in Franchise history. So celebrate, they deserve to celebrate. It’s been a long time coming. But they look like they are about to storm the capital here, overthrow the government and establish a Washington Capitals Anarchy.

The Caps could very well go on to win three straight too, and would I be happy for PFT, Nate, and close family friend Alex Ovechkin? (who once called my brother and left him a voicemail not a big deal or anything) I absolutely would be happy for them. Washington sucks as a sports city. The probably could use a W or two. But will I be happy for the fans that acted like they won the cup after last night? 1000% no. They stink and are losers.

Maybe I’m wrong here. Maybe I’ve just experience so much winning here in Boston that I have forgotten what it’s like to stink forever then to win. But my god Caps fans, take some advice from the great Coach Ted Orion, act like you’ve scored before.