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Relations between the USA and China have been a little chilly as of late but I can assure you most everyday-people in both countries don't have anything to do with that drama. In order to promote global unity, Pangzai, the drinking king of China, and myself, The Wonton Don, will be bringing people together to fight the virus using the power of BEER. 

Each week, Pangzai will film a drinking challenge and I will pick two people to try to copy it to the best of their ability. Then, Pangzai and I will judge both contestants and pick a winner. 

If you want to compete in a future episode, or if you just want to help global efforts to fight the virus, please make at least a $1 donation to the charity DIRECT RELIEF

Next week I will randomly pick two people who have donated and expressed interest in coming on the show, to go head-to-head with Pangzai in a new drinking challenge. The winner will receive a free piece of merch (*To receive a free shirt you must be a resident of the United States), shoutouts on social media, and the peace of mind knowing they are helping the world in the midst of this pandemic. 

New challenges will come out every Thursday at noon.