Walmart Black Friday Fights Reaffirm The Decline Of Society

Animals. Like dropping a truckload of goldfish into a flock of seagulls or Jordan’s in Compton. Will never, ever, take part in Black Friday (or Black fucking Thursday now) with this type of savagery. The KOP parking lot might as well be considered a refugee camp by now. The whole thing doesn’t even make sense. My Aunt last night said she couldn’t wait to get to Target today to save $400 on a TV that was marked down to $600 from $1000. Uh, sorry woman. You didn’t save $400, you spent $600 on a product that probably cost $18.50 to make. Love the Walmart “associate” getting all hard and yelling at the dude to stop filming. Nice to see that kind of effort and dedication to a company you’re essentially volunteering for.

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