Time For The Front Office To Wake Up With This Phillies Team Playing Their Worst Baseball Since 2000


Well isn’t that special. The Phillies are now being compared to the 2000 team that was led by future Wall of Famers, Desi Relaford, Kevin Sefcik, Rob Ducey and Wayne Gomes. During that 2000 season, the Phillies went 65-97, however they possessed a lineup that if you want to go back and look at after reading this paragraph you’ll probably say to yourself, “You know what, that’s not too bad. Definitely should not have been than a 65 win lineup.” Reminds you a little of this season’s lineup doesn’t it.

After that 2000 season, Ed Wade who had just completed his 3rd season with the team as GM, fired young Terry Francona and hired Larry Bowa who went on to win the Manager of the Year Award in the 2001 season. He traded away the team cancer in Curt Schilling mid-season to the D-Backs for pennies, but Wade at least recognized he had to get this nut job the hell out of town. Yes, the Phillies ridded themselves of two potential Hall of Famers, but in the end they were the best moves for the organization moving forward. An organziation that would go on to have just 1 losing season over the next 12 years.

So this brings to me the question of what the hell is the Front Office doing right now. Every move they have made this season has been the wrong one. I was a huge In Klentak We Trust guy. He was supposed to be the answer and the youth insurgence in an old school front office this franchise desperately needed. But, this season has been an unmitigated disaster and it’s time to do something.

Every team in this city is doing something. They are all making headlines for something positive within their franchise. What has this Phillies team done that have whatever fan’s are left to feel motivated? Let’s take a look.

1. UNPOPULAR OPINION: Drafting Micky Moniak #1 overall in 2016 draft to save money


Micky Moniak will be a great player. Don’t get me wrong. But how many corner outfielders does this friggin organization need?! Granted we won’t see him until 2021 at the earliest, but knowing the way this system develops players, Williams, Quinn, Cozens, Altherr, Herrera and Randolph will have all Dom Browned out by then. AJ Puk should have been the guy. He was the first overall pick in my opinion, especially for an organization in desperate need for a Big Lefty arm. Or any lefty arm for that matter! But hey, at least we saved a few bucks.

2. Trading away Alec Asher at the end of Spring Training for PENNIES!!


Hey, you know those bullpen arms we so desperately crave now? Well, the Orioles sure got a good one! I have been making a fuss about this since it happened. I know they had to make room for the 40 man, but trading him away Asher and keeping Luis Garcia and Adam Morgan was sheer brilliance. Why, because Asher did a little steroids? Boo hoo. This guy was a big league pitcher if you watched his 5 games in 2016. Enjoy the gift Baltimore, I know Sam Hinkie would have been proud of the move.

3. Stating early their refusal to call up the top prospect (IMO) in the system


It’s just their refusal to get ahead of the curve that really irrittates me. Jorge Alfaro is so fucking good, it hurts. But for the team to get ahead of a story and have Todd write an article that states,”But it might be a while before Alfaro is promoted, even if he keeps hitting well. Alfaro, 23, is in his final option year, meaning beginning next season, the Phillies cannot send him to the Minor Leagues without risking losing him.”

And….. let him suck this season, that way he’ll be ready for next. Why are we wasting the kids time? It just will never make sense to me. But, that’s not the reason. I did a little big J, Journalism and here is the real reason.


This team is so terrified to have another Dom Brown situation on their hands that they won’t call up a sure fire prospect. Am I reading that right from Todd, because in my opinion that is basically what he is telling us here, that he didn’t say directly in his article. Dom Brown was an All-Star at 25 years old! The hype surrounding him was real and he proved it that 2013 season. The team around him just really, really sucked and he didn’t have the work ethic necessary to keep getting better. Plus, few people remember they let Wally Joyner walk after that season and kept Steve Henderson. Joyner was the main guy who guided and worked with Brown closely during that all-star season.

4. Re-Signing Pete Mackanin which to me, showed they are showing no commitment to winning


This guy just isn’t a winner. Just like Terry Francoa was in Philly, this guy just doesn’t have it Unlike Terry, he never will. He’s the 3rd oldest manager in baseball right now, has no idea how to manage a bullpen, or a close game for that matter. Sure, he’s a players coach. The guys love him, which is great and all. I love my dog, Quincy, but I don’t him managing my Fantasy Football team. To give Mackanin this role for another season and a half, shows a complete disregard towards winning in the near-future for this organization. Something that was promised to us by this season by a real GM, Pat Gillick. Maybe we should get John Middleton on the local radio circuit again to tell everyone how much he wants to win!



Welp, they either need to fire someone, call someone up that the fan’s want to see up, or both. My man Freddy is heated right now as he should be. At least someone around here get’s it. Call up Cozens who is smashing the ball right now. Or Mr. Electric Factory, Roman Quinn. Just call up all of the Triple AAA roster while we are at it. Realistically, they should just make Bob McClure the scapegoat. The guy’s track record is horrendous. I hate calling for someone’s head, but like any job, it should be based on performance.

This team is consistently losing the solid fan base it once had due to unwatchable baseball. FIGURE IT OUT!

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