The Level Of Anger I Reached Today On Barstool Radio Via Nate Over Rec-League Basketball Is Very Disconcerting

Now that, my friends, is what we deem a “Wake Up Call”. The fact that little rabid, nutless ferret could make my blood boil that much over recreational basketball is very, very troubling. It doesn’t matter how right I was/am in the end (very right), this is no way to go through life. Christ, I might end up ending lives through levels of rage that would make the infected in 28 Years Later seem docile. And no, I wouldn’t murder Nate on purpose. The only danger she was in was the fact that the vein in his neck was close to exploding and taking out the entire block.

And that wasn’t even May I introduce Barstool’s newest rivalry: Caleb vs. Francis – The Battle Of Futile D1 Athletes

Annnnndddd then we had this gem from Francis. Good. Lord. I love the kid, but people call me a hardo? How about the ginger Harvard elitist who put out there he’s a “D-1 Recruited Athlete” and defended his basketball skills saying it’s, and I quote, “My eighth best sport.” Holy hell of a HARDO with a capital H thru O.

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