The Celebrations At The China Bowl Didn’t Disappoint

Kind of a shame that the Shanghai Skywalkers didn’t make it to the China Bowl this season as they easily lead the CAFL in mega dope, ultra chill touchdown celebrations like this one.


But the Beijing Lions took on the Qingdao Clipper with world Chinese Arena Football League supremacy on the line and, folks, it certainly did not disappoint. We had the classic worm with a slight modern touch at the end.


Fun fact: I once chipped my front tooth in 6th grade while attempting to do the worm.

We had some weird random violence followed by guys bein’ dudes.

china-bowl-celly2 china-bowl-celly3

Typically you see football players strictly reserving that type of violence for off the field. Great tribute to Ray Rice and Greg Hardy nonetheless. Would just love to know how many games Goodell would suspend them for the towel whipping though. I mean let’s be real for a second here, we HAVE to draw the line somewhere.

Even the kickers decided to let loose a little after this walk-off FG.


Hopefully China treats kickers with just as little, if not less, respect as we do here in America.


Just chill out, man. You won an arena football championship in China. No need for the water works.

But yeah, congrats to the Beijing Lions. Huge achievement that will go down as one of the greatest athletic feats ever accomplished. Against all odds, they battled through adversity and showed us that in this game of inches, anybody can be a champion.


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