It’s Not Every Day We See A Full-Field Hidden Ball Trick

It was only a matter of time before goalies would start to exact their revenge. For years now they’ve been getting clowned by hidden ball tricks. And recently it’s seemed like every time you turn around, there’s a new goalie getting his dumbass posterized by another HBT. You can only push a group of people so far before they lash out and fight back. The goalies have had enough and now they’re doing some of the clowning themselves.

Goalie sold that shit perfectly and it was smooth sailing from there. Need to know how many people were in on this. It couldn’t have just been the goalie and the pole. Because if that was the case, I can assure you that Genesee would have ended up going offsides. It’s hard enough clearing the ball regularly without some dipshit middie forgetting that he has to stay back for the pole. You throw a hidden ball trick into the mix there and you’re just begging for somebody to step off. But it worked to perfection and now the game done changed. This year HAS to mark the end of the 10-man ride. Between this goal and all the 60-yard bombs we’ve seen from goalies this year to break the 10-man, you just can’t do it anymore. Unless you want to be on the wrong side of one of the 5 lacrosse plays that end up on SportsCenter all year.


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