I Hate The Fact Stephen Colbert PC Guilted Bill Burr Into An Awkward Interview

Dammit, America. I was a HUGE Stephen Colbert while he was on The Colbert Report. Granted, I haven’t been watching a lot of The Late Show because I’m old and am dead/buried/drunk by 10pm every night. But come on, Stephen. If Bill Burr wants to declare genocide on people who take their shoes and socks off on airplanes and then insinuate a woman is a lesbian because she is dressed like John Goodman on Roseanne then, well, you just gotta let Bill Burr go. There’s no need to come back and guilt him into somewhat being politically correct. That doesn’t get anyone anywhere. And you can see it in Ol’ Billy Red Balls’ eyes when Colbert asked “Maybe she was a construction worker?” If declaring career suicide on national TV was the move then Billy would Kamakazi himself in a diatribe of terms possibly rhyming with Munts and Sykes (not even sure if I allude to those words anymore without feeling some sort of wrath).

Other than that, how about the complete lack of respect from Colbert with these questions?

“Have you always been in NY?” “You have an animated show…what is it on?” “I hear great things.”

You don’t here shit, Colbert. Don’t you have someone Google these things so it doesn’t come off pretentious]? Those questions are almost as disrespectful as some jackass millennial on a national radio show asking “Are you married?” when a ton of Burr’s recent material is from his girlfriend and now wife. The Internet exists for a reason, people.

That’s gotta be frustrating for a man of Burr’s caliber who has been doing a billion and one media appearances for his Netflix Show, F Is For Family. Just gotta let the man rant. If he can make heavy topics the likes domestic violence comical, he can make any promotional interview worthwhile.

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