Here’s The Worldwide Leader In Sports Doing Their Best To Cover All Athletics


Wait, what do Gruden and Trico have left to talk about? Football? That’s almost not even fair to them or the audience. Do you, ESPN. Johnny Football is officially ESPN’s new Tim Tebow, just with less Jesus and more talent. Same amount of white. Half shocked they didn’t have an update on where LeBron last took a piss mixed in somewhere in all this pre-season, backup QB chatter.

I miss the old Sportscenter of the 90’s where there was actual input, analysis and humor. The days when Stuart Scott’s boo-yah’s weren’t predictable, Chris Berman was (somewhat) bearable and Dan Patrick pissed where he pleased. Now it’s a bunch of newbies doing their best to be PC while Linda Cohn tries her damnedest to avoid menopause on camera. And yes, it’s depressing because the show used to be that good and now it’s THAT bad. Oh well. In the wink of a young girls eye, Glory Days.

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