Having Fireworks Explode In Your Butt Is Certainly One Way To Go Through Life

Is it the best way to go through life? Well, that depends what goals you have while on this Earth. If you’d like people to know your taint resembles Harvey Dent/Two-Face, then consider existence a bonafide success. Other than that, it’s probably wise to steer clear of lighting explosives from the rectum. Anything that involves alcohol and fire that’s within 3 ft of unprotected crown jewels is just a recipe for disaster.  If this guy still has his boys in good show and isn’t shitting blood until the next Olympics, which is a big IF, it’s the best case scenario.  Also, props to his friends for not giving a single fuck and straight up laughing when a literal fireball went up his butt. In the end, pleasing the crowd is all that matters. Well, that and not melting your nuts off after lighting fireworks in your pooper. Can’t win ‘em all.

And yet somehow lighting a firework in your ass seems safer than holding one in your hand. Whoda thought?

PS – Obligatory bootleg JESUS.

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