EMERGENCY BARSTOOL GAMETIME: Gay Pat Vs. Smitty 1-on-1 For Honor, Manhood, And Hardcore Americanism – LIVE

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Over this past week since I was berated, verbally castrated, and in fact instigated to the point where I needed some internal retribution. Gay Pat was both heads and shoulders over every player on the court. The only way to do that is to call out the best and man up, and that’s what I did. We discussed the stakes and were going to do this man to man off camera. Apollo Creed in Rocky III style for straight(?) respect. No TV. No newspapers. Just me and Gay Pat. Well, almost. Word got out (thanks YP) and now there’s some TV. We live in the age of content and forced responsibilities, hence the live stream on Twitch. Still, this is about my manhood. My honor. My name. And if I go down, it has to be swinging. Remember, he plays great, but I’m a great player. Or so I tell myself. I don’t even know what reality I’m living in anymore.

One game to 15. One’s and two’s. No reach arounds aloud. Ding. Ding.

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PS – Support the gays.

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