Barstool Gametime Welcomed Zero Blog Thirty To Play Call Of Duty And Chaps Was In AMAZING Form, Per Usual

Watch The Entire Episode Here And Follow @BarstoolSports On Twitch

Just an all around excellent time with the Zero Blog Thirty gentleman playing Call Of Duty and shooting the shit. Big thanks to Chaps and cons for sharing their expertise and to Riggs for having the evolutionary advantage of focusing split-screens at once. Surprisingly, playing first person shooters is somewhat different than real life combat. Who woulda thought? But the entire experience of learning about the the armed forces and how well/shitty “Realistic” video games portray the fighting. Very interesting stuff. Especially when the episode turned into an AMA with your favorite drunk Uncle, Chaps. Enjoy.

Next up on Barstool Gametime: An Evening With Erin Olash. We’ll be firing up the ol’ Wii tomorrow night at 8. Seems only right to get as much movement around as possible with this one, so be sure to follow on Twitter @StoolGameTime and smash that follow button on Twitch HERE. You gotta get it going on Twitch if you wanna see the action, and see the action you must. Seriously. Yo Yo Ma.

PS – The king shall conquer once again.

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