Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Nicoletta Solved The First Puzzle Of Last Night’s Show With Just One Letter Showing

*Mike Breen voice*
“Nicoletta from wayyyyy downtown….BANG!!!”

Nicoletta don’t hurt’em! Buzzing in on the first letter of the first puzzle of the night is as cocky as it gets. I’d call it a heat check but she didn’t even have time to get hot since we hadn’t even done the awkward introductions with Pat Sajak.

Now granted the theme of the night was California and these puzzles often have something to do with the theme. But still, you can’t establish dominance over two other people more than that unless you piss to mark your territory. Which is why it was never a question she would beat those two tomato cans and go to the final round.

However, as we learned in the final round, Nicoletta is not a puzzle solving machine or savant. Not to be a hardo, but how do you get Fisherman’s Wharf with one letter showing yet can’t solve this?


Shameful. I remain steadfast in my stance that if you don’t win the final round of Wheel, you are not a true champion. It’s already the simpleton’s game show between 7 and 8 with a host that Trebek smokes. When the puzzle is there for the taking, you HAVE to solve it. For your bank account. For your family. And so Pat can’t get the satisfaction of twisting the knife as he opens that envelope and showing the world how much money you just missed out on. Sajak loves that shit almost as much as he loves someone that’s getting greedy landing on Bankrupt.

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