UNC Football Team Reacts To Getting Free Jordans

Imagine if these kids were told they were getting money for playing football?? Imagine the reaction then. If a pair of shoes gets the crowd moving imagine a paycheck or a stipend or being able to accept a meal or something like that. Place would be fucking Mardi Gras.

Obviously these guys are hyping up this reaction but there really is nothing quite like a fresh pair of Js. Especially 11s. And ESPECIALLY the Columbia 11s when you are actually a Tar Heel and you rock that Carolina blue. One of the sexiest releases in a while. And its not like I couldnt afford them but if someone hooked me up with a fresh pair I’d be excited like this too. I’d probably make a video of me being super excited and going nuts and I’d tweet it out too. I’d probably even @ the brand that manufactured the shoes and would encourage other people to buy those same shoes. Thats definitely something I would do if someone wanted to send me free Jordans. Particularly the Baron 11s. If Nike wants to send those over to Barstool a similar video would maybe be created.

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