This Soccer Player Thanking His Wife AND His Girlfriend In A Televised Interview Was Probably A Bad Idea

Lets see this guy’s face after he realizes what he said…


Now lets translate that face into Emoji form…



There are not enough “I love you so muches” on the face of the Earth to get you out of a pickle like that. This soccer player basically took a baseball right from the mouth of The Beast in The Sandlot and kicked some dirt in his face for good measure. Best case scenario this guy is sleeping on the couch for a few weeks and is only averaging about 10 awkward silences/icy stares per hour from his wife. Worst case scenario he is dead in a ditch somewhere. And to be honest, he completely earned every bit of whatever his fate may be right now. In the (hurtful) words of Michael Scott, you have to Keep It Simple Stupid. Thank God, your teammates, your wife, and/or the fans. Anything else and you begin to dabble in the danger zone.

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