People Mad That The Cavs Rested Starters Are So Dramatic

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Alright lets dive into this issue the NBA apparently has with resting stars. First thing’s first…

This Cavs fan is an asshole. Spending $800 and traveling 4 hours to watch Lebron play a December game against the Memphis Grizzlies is on you, dude. That is a poor use of time and money. That aint Lebron’s fault. That aint the NBAs fault. Thats your fault. You’re an idiot. Even if he played, you aint getting enough return on your investment.

Secondly, lets talk about Lebron. Because there seems to be two arguments – one blaming Lebron and one blaming the NBA. Lebron James doesnt owe the Memphis Grizzlies fans a goddam thing. I’d argue that on the list of things Lebron James cares about, the fans in Memphis, Tennessee, are right at the bottom. As they should be. Lebron doesnt owe anything to any fans anywhere except Cleveland. I’ve seen people arguing that rest games should only be allowed at home which might be the most backwards thing ever. Lebron’s focus is winning a championship and playing for his fans. I’d go out on a limb and say that after making it to the Finals 6 straight times, he has a pretty good idea how to do those things. Now, if you want to argue that basketball superstars are softer than the previous generation’s, thats a different argument. Dynasty teams in the 90s never did this. The game was tougher and more physical and guys didnt need rest. But thats a different discussion. In the current NBA climate, this is how it goes. And the two teams that do this regularly – the Spurs and Cavs – seem to have a pretty decent amount of success. I’m not saying the key to NBA dynasties is a days rest here and there. I’m just saying the NBA has a very good thing going with Lebron James. Lebron says let me do my thing and I will deliver you the most marketable American sports superstar on the planet, and the NBA obliges. If a few times a year theres a handful of fans that are pissed, those are simply the breaks.

Now I think the larger argument is that the NBA is to blame. That ticket prices are too high. That the league charges a premium for these type of games because of the super stars that you’re likely to see, and when you dont see them its unfair. Which, on the surface, is true. If tickets are like 200 bucks because youre going to see Lebron and you dont see Lebron, that sucks. But again, this is a strategy the Cavs are employing to make it through the end of June. Rest all three guys, dont make them travel, get all the rest you need in one game, and get back to full strength. Resting them one at a time is a half measure. And by doing so they are likely to head back to their 3rd straight Finals. Likely to go head to head with the Warriors for a third straight time and go down in the history books as one of the greatest rivalries ever in sports. Thats fucking awesome. Thats a good thing. For the game, for business, for everything. In the big picture, allowing Lebron and their superstars to occasionally do this if it result in greatness is a wise decision. It keeps the marketing juggernaut machine that is the NBA rolling. A few nights here and there in place like Memphis aint worth rocking the boat.

PS – Why dont these guys just be like “Lebron’s back is stiff and Kevin Love’s knee is acting up. We’re gonna give Kyrie a break with them.”

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