Mike Francesa Mumbling Through A Kristaps Porzingis Statement Is Peak Mike Francesa

Videos like this make me realize how much I am going to miss Mike when he hangs up the mic (at least at WFAN) on December 15th. Not him talking sports or being a know-it-all about a subject he knows nothing about. You can find those in countless other idiot talking heads to handle that for you. But nobody owns mumbling and dead air on the radio like Michael Patrick Francesa Jr. You would think he was translating Porzingis’ statement from Latvian in his head while reading it on the radio. Meanwhile any Knicks fan that hasn’t read the statement is listening to Mike looking for what the fuck their 7’3″ unicorn thinks about playing for the Knicks and living in New York. Instead you get Mike Yada Yada’ing the entire statement in between mumbles and grunts while leaving the listener with NO clue what is going on. So ridiculous. So bad. So perfectly Mike.

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