LaVar Ball Goes In On Colin Cowherd’s Co-Host Kristine Leahy

For context, here is some background of Leahy talking about the Balls raising their kids.

And that concludes another class in Big Baller School AKA the Big Baller Zone. Shout out to FS1 for getting LaVar on with a someone like Colin Cowherd. If they have LaVar on 10 or more times and people may actually look up what channel FS1 is on their cable provider. Maybe sneak LaVar on with Skip Bayless so he can start chipping away at those Bubble Guppies ratings while Colin uses that strong lead-in to bring up LeBron vs. MJ again. Actually people will probably just stick with the “Wait for people to tweet or blog the entertaining stuff so I don’t have to sit through all the other bullshit” strategy. Seems to be working pretty well. I will say that telling a woman to stay in her lane or that something is coming for her is a risky move in 2017. Trust me, I am someone that respects women (Read: I’m married). Then again, telling a man how to raise his family without an insight to the family outside of what you see on TV seems about as ridiculous as, I don’t know, criticizing an NBA player’s upbringing because he once did a dance before his first home game his rookie year in the league.

Luckily for the Balls everyone is going to love Lonzo not just because of his play, but because Magic Johnson instantly makes everyone 50% more likable just by association.

Admit it, you smiled when you saw that.

I’m also not sure what the whole marketing toward women argument is about. Women can be Big Ballers too. You know who my source is? The Big Baller store.


And a tough look for Whitlock being boxed in as someone that can just weigh in on snacks. I know Jason is a fan of The Wire, so he better recognize that the big guy snack review corner is already taken. In the words of Bodie “This is my corner, I ain’t running nowhere”.

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