Knicks Twitter Account Trolls Derrick Rose About Missed Game Then Deletes It



The Knicks tweeted this out for about five-seconds during tonight’s heated battle against the fearsome Philadelphia 76ers, who have kept this game within single-digits for most of it despite the fact the Knicks are in “win-now” mode and Philly’s been actively trying to lose since the beginning of Obama’s second term . They deleted it about five seconds later but I was able to grab the screenshot.

While the Knicks realizing the depths of how much they suck and what a joke their entire franchise is shouldn’t hurt, it does. It’s like when the robots become self-aware in iRobot and try to enslave and slaughter the entire human race (although the sweet release of death might be a welcome respite for Knicks fans). Because even something like this tweet shows why the Knicks never, ever, ever, ever, ever will win anything in our lives. The organization is toxic from top to bottom. From Dolan to the players to the coaches to the social media manager who tweeted this to the guy who fills up the ice buckets after this game. Everyone in the organization, everyone in the NBA, everyone in America knows the Knicks are a loser franchise and always will be a loser franchise. And this tweet is just a small, brief acknowledgement of that fact. Kristaps gives me some hope, but if I’m being completely honest with myself, in the deep, dark places that I don’t talk about at parties, I know there is no true hope to be had. We’re a joke. We suck. We always will suck.


But Go New York, Go New York Go. Beat the Sixers tonight. Go team.


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