George W. Bush Casually Videobombed The Texas Rangers Broadcast

Dubya from the clouds! There was lots of talk during last year’s election about what was and wasn’t acting Presidential. Well this video is the perfect example of how you act post Presidency. When you are the leader of the free world, you basically age in dog years. Once your watch has ended, you are gray and worn the fuck out. But after you leave the White House, you should start acting like you are permanently in Margaritaville. Whether it’s Barry O jet skiing his dick off with Richard Branson or Dubya throwing back some cold ones at a Rangers game and dropping in unannounced on a broadcast. Live it the fuck up. I imagine going to baseball games with some of the other Presidents from the last 100 or so years would be boring as hell. But if you went to a game with our last four Presidents (Slick Willie, Dubya, Obama, and Trump), you would have a great fucking night win, lose, or draw.

And regardless how you felt about him as President, I think we can all agree that throwing a strike from the rubber with a bulletproof jacket on in Game 3 of the World Series a month and a half after 9/11 was straight up awesome. Bin Laden’s dick definitely went inside his body once that ball crossed home plate.

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