Derek Jeter Reportedly One Of The Bidders Interested In Buying The Marlins


Fox BusinessIt’s opening week for Major League Baseball and a multibillion-dollar bidding war could soon start over one of the worst franchises in the sport. At least three possible bidders have emerged to purchase the Miami Marlins baseball team including one representing the country’s most prominent political family, and one representing a future Hall of Famer, the FOX Business Network has learned.

Former New York Yankees star shortstop Derek Jeter has expressed interest in bidding for the team, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter. He is being represented in talks with Marlins president David Samson by veteran Wall Street executive and former Morgan Stanley (MS) brokerage chief Gregory Fleming, who now runs his own investment banking boutique, the people say.Another major contender is a group headed by former Florida Governor and one-time GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who is teaming up with Citigroup to finance a possible official bid, these people add.

Good for Derek. As a Yankee fan you would want him to be involved with the Yankees but the team isn’t for sale, and he probably couldn’t afford it. The Steinbrenners are committed to keeping the team and have things pointed in the right direction, so it makes sense to hold on. Derek would be great in the Yankees front office, but he doesn’t want to work for someone else. Since Jeter retired a couple of years ago he’s stated his desire to be an MLB owner. In fact, he spent some time with Jeffery Loria right after retirement to see how the organization was run, so I’m surprised this has taken so long to happen.

Jeter obviously doesn’t have the $800M-$1.6B that the Marlins are estimated to sell for, so he’ll need the deep pockets of an ownership group with him as the face. How deep this group will go and how much trust they’re willing to put in Jeter will be interesting considering he only has on-field experience, but he’s a proven winner. I’ve even heard the rumor that Posada is involved in this with Jeter.

I think the best case scenario here is that Jeter gets ownership and grows the value of his stake to the point that somewhere down the line he can buy into the Yankees. Loria bought the Marlins for $156 million and has turned it into a billion dollar franchise with an average attendance of about 73 per game. At the least it would be great for Yankee fans if Jeter could own an organization that beats up on the Mets for a while.

PS: No way he loses out to Jeb Bush right? I mean after Trump threw him around, there is no way he beats Derek Jeter in something baseball related.

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